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Hong Kong Car Show 2018

“Hong Kong Car Show2018” will be held from 22 to 25 December 2018, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 1, with 7 distinct theme zones, so as extensive range of products and services, including automotive consumable & mechanical parts, automotive beauty & care, diagnostic vehicle & product and such.


Hong Kong Car Show is also famous for the display of diversified sport cars, including Spada Vetture Sport、Lamborghini、Tesla、Lotus、Porsche、FIAT, etc. to excite car lovers.

6 Special Themes

・Branded Cars

A zone with the latest car models by renowned brands and depots, to provide the most updated, high quality options for car owners who prefer safer choice, including recreational vehicles, sports cars, off-road vehicles, small cars, travel cars, eco-hybrid vehicles, concept vehicles, etc.

・Diagnostic Vehicle and Product

Want to own a unique vehicle? Starting from modification, exhibition will show diagnostic vehicle service and related products, to attract owners who would love a makeover for their car, including off-road vehicles, sports cars, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles modification services and antique cars renewal services.

・Automotive Beauty and Care

A car’s outlook is as important as its functions, especially for the petrol heads, this zone provides numerous options for them, such as polishing, professional coating, auto-foil filming, paint jobs, inter-car comprehensive care and tire & wheel care.


Lots of motorcyclists find riding motorbikes as a relaxing pastime or transportation choice for short trips. The motorbikes zone will gather various kind of practical or special car models to meet the rising market demand and for excitement seeking users.


・Automotive Accessories and Maintenance Services

Automotive related products and services can be seen as necessities for a car’s survival, related products and services will be showcased in this zone, including car navigation, led driving light, car alarm system, driving recorders, car insurance, car-cleaning products, emission testing and analyzing technology.

・Automotive Consumables and Mechanical Parts

This zone is perfect for exhibitors with automotive consumables and mechanical parts, including chassis, body parts, electronic parts, tires and wheels.

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