Exhibitors' Comments
Bangrove Design & Production Limited Being an antique car collector, Mr Wong was kind enough to share his collection with other visitors, “This year is our first time to exhibit, our main goal is to expand our market share and boost sales; most responses we received are positive, overall exhibiting reaches our expectations.” Professor Dip x Dr. Wrap – Kelvin and Alex “We are hoping to strengthen and promote our brand image through exhibition. In these 4 days, we have met loads of car lovers and it’s good to talk to consumers who share the same passion as us.” Japan Gibson x AutoWorkshop The chairman of Gibson Konishi Meiji, “Our company has partnered up with AutoWorkshop to host the 2016 global launching event of Gibson’s new body kit, it was a bold but correct decision. Apart from the profit within the HK Car Show, our company has also become a hot spot during Tokyo Car Show in January 2016, our products were sold quickly thanks to the HK Car Show. World State Limited – Mr Lee “The arrangement is obviously better than last year, especially for quality of visitors. The gimmick of this year must be the collection of antique cars, and it has successfully drew attentions of car lovers. Premium users would certainly be able to reach next year, since more activities have been held.” Winson Telecom Limited – Jerry Cheung “This is our third time exhibiting; we ended up with unexpected results from the last 2 exhibitions. We can reach unexpected customers in these 4 days because of Food Expo and other expos being held at the same time. We have already planned our budget for next year’s exhibition.”
Visitors' Comments

Mr Dai, “I am a car enthusiast and I have been to many local and overseas car shows and I have to admit that HK Car Show is surprisingly good and it’s an attractive event for car-lovers.”


Miss Wong and Miss Mok,”We saw the ads on social media and car magazines. Once we got in, we were fascinated by the upbeat music, moreover the venue showcased some very rare classic cars, it was definitely a feast for the eyes; we can’t wait for the 3rd HK Car Show!”

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